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Training in a simulated environment requires extremely accurate visuals. If not, you are risking negative training. When preparing a team of professionals on a costly operation, or soldiers on a combat mission, you just don't want to take any risks, so you need the best projectors available. Barco projectors provide ultra-high resolution, ruggedness, and a seamless integration into a variety of simulation applications. All our projectors are designed to be mounted on motion platforms, and their compact footprint is a key enabler for many installations, saving space and enabling the creation of the most advanced systems.

Barco brings:

  • Compact, high performance projectors
  • 24/7 warranted operation
  • Pulse software platform ensures lowest latency 
  • Industry-leading price-to-performance ratio
  • Dedicated commercial customer support
  • Immersive sound

Featured products

Simulation projectors

Simulation projectors

Projection for simulation and training

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Simulation sound

Simulation sound

Barco AudioCue real-time 3D audio for simulation and training systems

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Multi-projector system management tools

Multi-projector system management tools

Additional equipment for projector systems

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